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Ash Tree has been in business in Ash Grove for the last 28
 yearsproudly serving the community.  Our  competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning.  We look forward to your patronage.  

Ash Tree Antiques
202 N Maple
Ash Grove, Mo.
Phone: (417) 761-3366

Regular Business Hours: 
Tuesday - Friday 9:30-5:00
Saturday 9:30-4:00
Sunday Closed
Monday closed 
These are hand made chandeliers and may not be everyone's style, but if you want something odd and unique, these are definitely for you.

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366       

Trinkets, jewelry and jobber-dos are here in the market now.  Call Kathy at 417-761-3366
If you need chairs, china cabinets or tables they are right here in the used furniture store.

​If you're looking for it. It's right here.

 call Kathy at 417-761-3366
Here's a display that's hard to beat
just looking at it is quite a treat
you really couldn't ask for more
unless you were opening your own store

 Call Kathy at 417-761-3366.
Here's more of what's in our store.
Keep looking at the web pages to see a lot more.
---------------------------------------------Call Kathy 417-761-3366
These are just some of our unusual things on display,
things you won't find everywhere or every day 

Questions? Call Kathy 417-761-3366
Here are the flea market gypsies making  our market better for you to shop. They travel for hundreds of miles around to ensure you get the best things available at the most reasonable prices. These gals are rowdy on their road trips, but they are working hard for you.
​This one of a kind vintage  piece is hand made and will be functional and a conversation piece.

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366
and don't hesitate
it's are here today but tomorrow may be too late
Fifties table, with chairs and a decorative oak dining set with matching chairs.

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366
This is the backside of the above picture, along with some really nice furniture pieces in the upscale resale store.
Furniture 244
There are bright colors that are striking, beautiful and fresh in this area of the upscale furniture store. Treat yourself to one piece or furnish an entire home.
We are here for you and plan on being here for a long time. Stop in and find yourself a bargain.
Be sure to check this discount board behind Kathy's desk.
Sale prices are up to date on this board.
These pieces are here today, they're ready for your inspection.
Call Kathy 417-761-3366
We will be closed for the Easter holiday, Friday April 14, Saturday the 15th, Sunday the 16th in order to spend time with family. We hope your holiday is happy and blessed. We will return to regular hours on Tuesday