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These fine cards are on Kathy's desk and they are
 all hand made.
These cards not like any other in stores today.

They are locally made art

Kathy's number is 417-761-3366
 Booth 148-Too
This booth has a great kitchen table here for just $10.
The glassware here is so varied you will find it hard to believe.
It is all good quality and ready to use or decorate with.
Stop in and see it all.

The furniture stores fill me with delight
I want to buy everything in sight
cabinets, chairs, dressers and stools
make me want to break all decorating rules
if only I had the space inside
I'd take them all home and display them with pride.
Booth 145
This is another booth with some fine decorations ready to take home with you.
There's a lot to see in here today.

There's a snow white teddy bear for a child to enjoy.

Booth 7X
There are so many decorating pieces here you will be surprised. 
Everything here is in good shape and ready to use.
There are pictures in frames and ready to go.
The vintage doll house is one of a kind as far as I know.
Booth 444-2
There are some cast iron skillets here. They never fail on you, they will last a lifetime. They don't warp either like aluminum skillets do.

That's a nice utility chair here.

There are books here and beautiful glassware too.

These look pretty nice
they also have an attractive price
 it's the time to call Kathy if you want to know more.


Stop in and ask about the new all ladies fitness center we have just opened on Wells street behind Ash Tree Antiques or call Kathy at 417-761-3366
Booth 57
There are some very unusual things to see in this booth.
They are in good shape and ready for use today.
Check them out and get a nice discount while you do so.

Booth 18

That's one big decorative lamp that may be just your style. You won't fine one like it in anyone's home that you know of.
There's 2 decorative vases here that will bring out WOW!

There's a lot here to decorate with and you can get what you want at a discount.
Antiques, vintage goods, decorating materials, we have them.