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 These are hand-made greeting cards from a local source.
The quality is quite good!
And look at that old-fashioned lamp!
Kathy's number is 417-761-3366
Here's the galvanized items I mentioned before for your garden area. These things last a long time and are very handy in a garden. 

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366
 Booth 148-Too
Dishes large and small here they are, we have them all. Any color you want, any style you need, add some color to those you feed. Presentation is a big part of what you serve and an added compliment on a supper or a snack makes the effort worthwhile. Make it special and watch them smile.
 Booth 28
It's time to post a comical sign and speaking of comical, we have boxes of comic books. It's nice weather outside, so pick up an air rifle and do some plinking. It's a fun sport and when you get good at it you can rid yourself of some of those pesky varmints out in the garden or countryside.
Booth 300 Too
There's a long time collection here of "Gone With the Wind" plates and ornaments. The plates are numbered and the entire collection is top quality pieces priced at a whole lot less than the collector paid for them. My pictures cannot do them justice. You need to see them in person to really appreciate the collection. These would be a wonderful gift to a true collector.
Booth AH
This honey is homemade and while there is a limited supply at the moment, there will be more. These are located at Kathy's desk. It never goes bad and it adds so much to sweeten just about anything. If you look at things you buy in the grocery store you will find many prepared foods are using honey, but don't those you love and cook for deserve the very best? 
Annie's Jewels                              Here's another place 
they sparkle, they shine              Elvis (the King) lives
they're every shape and kind.     at Ash Tree Antiques.
What are you waiting for?           If you have never seen
Dress up and be a star.                so much, you are not
​                                                       alone.

The used furniture store has a nice porch swing outside and a host of metal file cabinets that can house many types of items along with some oddities that are fun to look at. 

New jewelry arrives on a regular basis.
Booth 145
There are lamps here and painted plates to display, welcome signs, frames, a mirror to look at your best friend (you), books, cookie jar, Pitcher and wash bowl, battery operated candles for a little mood effect, some unusual wine themed place mats, hats and this most unusual statue of a ram that you can see at the top of this picture.
Booth 153
Need some really neat bird houses? You could just use them to decorate in your home. Get some of those feathered birds from a hobby store and place them in or on the houses and you have a unique decorating piece that you put together yourself. There are also several pieces of stereo equipment and some speakers here as well as some shelf statues that are small so you can get as many as you want. Oh and lest I forget, a paintball gun for those who dare to compete.
We will be closed for the Easter holiday, Friday April 14, Saturday the 15th, Sunday the 16th in order to spend time with family. We hope your holiday is happy and blessed. We will return to regular hours on Tuesday