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 These are hand-made greeting cards from a local source.
The quality is quite good!
And look at that old-fashioned lamp!
Kathy's number is 417-761-3366
Here's some galvanized items  for your garden area. These things last a long time and are very handy. 

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366
 Booth 148-Too
That red and black item in the center is a doll lamp. You don't see that every day.
If you want to make an impact, this is the place to get dishes that will impress your guests.
If you want one different cup just for you and no one else, this is the place to find it.
If you want to have all kinds of different dishes, cups, saucers, platters, place settings, it's all right here!
Booth 300 Too
There's a long time collection here of "Gone With the Wind" plates and ornaments. The plates are numbered and the entire collection is top quality pieces priced at a whole lot less than the collector paid for them. My pictures cannot do them justice. You need to see them in person to really appreciate the collection. These would be a wonderful gift to a true collector.
Annie's Jewels                              Elvis just moved in on the shelves above Annie's jewels. The jewelry is great and changes regularly. Elvis is just part of a 50 year collection that would be difficult to find anywhere but right here. If you like jewelry or like Elvis, this is the place to shop.
The Elvis collection is here and is in 3 different booths, so look around.

The furniture stores are offering large discounts on nearly everything. Discounts are as high as 75% for the things you may want to have.

New jewelry arrives on a regular basis.
Booth 145
There is a painted bottle with a lighthouse on it.
There is a vintage Stetson hat box here. Vases here are very nice. There are snowmen candle holders, a fruit themed candelabra as well.
Booth 7X
Look below at this vintage doll house. It is stunning!
There is an entire Ceramic village too with all different homes. 
Booth 444Too
There are dishes, glassware, a vintage display box, a vintage wicker rocking horse, a burnt honey pitcher and 4 matching glasses that are gorgeous.
There is some really unusual wooden wall art here that is special.
There are some Polish pottery plates that you will definitely not see everywhere. There are some of the most beautiful cobalt blue glassware you will ever see here. There are tea cups for a collector or just for your own use.