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 These are hand-made greeting cards from a local source.
The quality is quite good!

Kathy's number is 417-761-3366
 Booth 148-Too
There are scores of beautiful dishes here for every occasion, stop in and see for yourself.
There are decorative pieces, serving pieces and most anything to set a table you might want.
Everything here is top quality.

The furniture stores are filled with nice pieces. There are cabinets, chairs, dining  tables, side tables, beds, vinyl flooring and a lot more.
Booth 145
There is a beautiful painted lighthouse bottle here. There is a beautiful framed kitchen picture too. There are also decorative wall hanging rugs and a wooden cigar box.
There are shelf decorations that are very nice here.
There are 2 vintage Asian metal ashtrays here too.
Booth 7X
There is a green depression glass cake plate here that is astounding in quality. There is a pink depression glass covered jar too. How about an amber relish dish?
There are some hardcover books here that look new. There are some plastic dishes and cups that are nice for elderly people who do not have strength enough to handle heavier glass plates.
There is a wonderful wooden doll house in this booth, some pink colored glassware here that looks like depression glass and a lot of shelf decorations too. There are also some swell framed prints ready to hang.

Booth 444Too

This vendor has added a box full of vintage 45 rpm vinyl records. If you have some at home with the old plastic inserts that adapted the wide spindle to a pencil size but no longer have a turntable, relax because there is a turntable in boot 7X Too.  There are 2 crop circle wooden plaques here. There is a selection of wild animal statuettes to decorate a shelf or two. How about a brown honey pitcher with 6 glasses?
There are also some brass elephant statues. There is a nice wooden chair right in this picture. There are collectible tea cups and saucers, and glassware.
There are some nice wall art that will stand out on your walls that you will definitely not see everywhere. 

Booth 200
This booth has some nice outer-ware, some golf clubs, tools, shelf decorations, practical useful home items and more.
This is in the market near Kathy's desk. It just arrived and it keeps time. If you ever wanted a clock like this, now is the time to Call Kathy 417-761-3366

Stop in and ask about the new all ladies fitness center we have just opened on Wells street behind Ash Tree Antiques or call Kathy at 417-761-3366
Booth 57
This is the biggest rabbit I have seen since watching the movie Harvey, which I am going to watch again tonight. This booth has another thing I have never seen, a Louis Armstrong animatron that moves and sings "Hello Dolly" and "Wonderful World". There are also jugs,crocks, a painted ceramic bird, a wooden box, big dolls and more.
Booth 18
This booth has a purple glass sauce pan and a purple covered casserole dish along with totes/purses, a wax scent warmer, a Kenneth Cole black computer case with shoulder strap that is well padded. I only wish I would have seen this before I bought a lesser quality one for twice the price.