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 Booth 40
There are oak signs for your wall
that say welcome one and all
if you need something to hold excess plastic bags
these well made sleeves have low price tags
there are Coca-Cola advertising posters to hang or collect
and they all are quality that you would expect
there are quilting pieces that are very nice
and you will be delighted at their price 

Booth 53
This booth has an eclectic collection
it's all here for your selection
there are cases full of cassettes that you may enjoy
if you have a player to employ
there's nice clean plush toys
made for young girls and boys
there's a selection of CD's too
if listening to music is what you like to do
these horse statuettes are a sight to see
they're as clean and slick as they can be
there's frosted glasses for use or display
feel free to use them either way

 Booth 6
Jewelry is so nice to collect and wear 
or maybe you would just like to share
jewelry is something a woman can never have too much
it's beautiful to look at and nice to the touch
it makes a woman feel in a special way
and it's something she can wear every day
If you need anything like these
what we have here is sure to please
be it a chair, a table, a hanging lamp
these will get your approval stamp.

You can call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if you need more information.
Booth AH 
We have these size jars on hand heavy with honey and oh so grand
 if you want some local honey
this producer makes it with care
and a nice big jar gives you more to share

Booth 148
There is no greater joy than to play
with a grandchild on any given day
this booth has toys for them to select
the outcome for you is the best you could expect
doll houses are a very nice way
to fill any child's day
placing things in there improves coordination
and allows them to make a creative sensation

Booth 204
How about a vintage security system for you?
Best of all it works too.
Wooden cheese boxes might be nice to collect
maybe something you would never expect
there are Marvel comics from a bygone day
they're still viable today
if you want to create a country kitchen
there are canisters and decorations to fulfill your mission
there are boxes with lids to store your stuff
they're all in great shape and none are rough. 

Stop in and ask about the new all ladies fitness center we have just opened on Wells street behind Ash Tree Antiques or call Kathy at 417-761-3366
Booth 7XToo
If green is a color you appreciate
there are canisters and dishes that will make you feel great
there are luggage sets to make your trip a breese
and they are sure to please
there's an air fryer here with an instructional book
if that sounds interesting to you, why not take a look?

Booth 214
There are two baseball shadow boxes here that are just great
if you know someone who loves baseball, don't hesitate
there's a nice metal turkey for you to display
on the upcoming Thanksgiving day
vintage storage cases with a handle or luggage to be
they are certainly nice from what I can see
there's some Fire King carnival ware that make for a fine collection
they're here waiting for your inspection