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  Booth 50
Last chance on these items. This booth is scheduled to go away next month to be replaced by booth 102. The booth 102 is leaving will be available. It is a full 6x8 and just right for you to take the plunge into being a vendor here at Ash Tree.  

 Booth 40
There's some very nice oak welcome signs here, ready to let company know they are welcome in your home or perhaps to display a spiritual message. Display your Coca-Cola advertising collection on the wall (if you don't have them, we do!) Do you like those tiny little statues? Good because we have more to add to your collection.
Booth 53
There is a huge selection of anything horse related here, books, statues, pictures, glassware and western ware. There are CD's, DVD's, story books, things for cooks, purses, scarves, plush toys, statues in the curio cabinet, vases, toys. It's like a miniature super store inside a store where you can shop and save a whole lot more.
 Booth 55

There are ladies billfolds here, tops to wear, a Thomas Kinkade waterfall set for you to soothe your mind as you listen to the trickling water flow, Christmas decorations and cards, a tea set, a knee immobilizer that straps on over the knee, ear rings, an angel cake pan, several newly added works of art and a fine covered butter dish. It's here.
 Booth 300 Man
This virtual shrine to the king of rock and roll is packed with more collectibles than I could ever imagine. While I have no interest in the sale of these items, I knew the woman who collected all of this, spent many wonderful hours visiting in her home and while I saw some of these things, I had no idea that there was this much. There is more of her collection in two other places in Ash Tree. Come in for the tour and add to your collection. Something tells me there are many things here that you do not already have.
Booth 102 
There is a sale still going on here. This vendor is scheduled to be moving to a different booth in Ash Tree next month. This booth should soon be available if you want to jump in and have a fun experience at being a vendor. I have bought many things out of this booth in the past (I always wait a month or more to give other shoppers first chance) with all the things I have bought from this vendor I have always been extremely satisfied.
These are just a few things that don't usually make it to the web pages. They were kind of lonely and when I passed by them taking pictures they spoke to me and said that they thought they deserved to be featured too, at least once in a while. So here they are.
Call Kathy at 417-761-3366
Booth 148
Doll houses are just plain fun. Kids love them and if you are a grandparent, those grandchildren will love to have you with them while they arrange and re-arrange everything in them. If you have never spent time with a child and her doll house, you are missing one of the best things in life. Get her the doll house (we have several kinds) and then you can bring her back here every time she visits, add to the furnishings and have more truly quality time. 

These are just a few things you will see on shelves around the market.
Here's some items that sometimes get overlooked in the market, there are bargains here.

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366

​You may be looking for some of these outdoor things very soon. Out back there are galvanized tubs for cleaning up in the garden or use as planters or whatever you desire.

You can call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if you need more information.
Booth 77
This is your chance to pick up on some bargains with 75% off tagged prices. There's a little bit of everything here and it's just waiting for a new home (that would be your home.)    
Booth 1
There's several pieces of wall art here to make your house a home. There's miniature items to decorate some shelves. Don't have any shelves? There are shelves around the market here. There are painted dishes to display, a food grinder, some storage containers, covered pots, ladles and more.
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