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  Booth 102
There is a nice framed wall mirror on the shelf here. The gray pieces in this picture are a child's bench and table. Those are a lot of fun for the little ones. That creamy-white 2 tier table in the picture is great for indoor plants.  That green dry sink looked like it was headed out the door this morning. There is a glider type foot stool and there are shelf decorations too.

 Booth 40
There is a great selection of seasonal decorations here. If you like to decorate, these are for you because you will have plenty to change decorations every season and holiday.
There are quilting materials here, Coca-Cola framed advertising signs with the classic images here.There are flour sacks, linens and champagne glasses. 
There are mugs, decorative kitchen towels, Hall ceramics, oak signs for a wall, oak peg rails here. 
Booth 53
There are some nice jackets here and they are in good shape. There is a set of Carheartt coveralls that can come in handy for dirty work. There are quilts, CDs, DVDs, nice books, Breyer horse statues VHS tapes and you can see there are a lot more things here too.
 Booth 6
Nothing makes a woman feel better than adding jewelry when she is going out in public.
This is a huge collection of nice jewelry. There is jewelry for any occasion here. Prices go from costume level to best dress. Take a look; these are all good things here.
If you are considering a hanging lamp, there is a good supply of them here in the furniture store

You can call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if you need more information.
Booth AH   

This is locally made honey, Lawrenceburg (Missouri) and it is great! You can put honey in a lot of things to sweeten something for those sweet to you.
It never spoils so a big jar like these is no problem; it's good to the last spoonful.
Booth 148 this booth has several doll houses that girls just love and it has everything you need to fill them, furniture, dolls, whatever you want. There is a vintage child's chair here. There are, Barbies (boxed and 
out of the box), star wars, smurfs, toy horses, grab bags, just about anything you can imagine is right here.

Booth 204
I must admit I have never seen a canister set like this Stanford Ware corn themed set. It is more than just canisters, there is a pitcher, a mug and other serving pieces. If you want to decorate country in your kitchen, this  is the one for you.
There are 2 vintage (antique?) radios here with wooden cases. The bottom one has an FM frequency band I have never seen that on a wooden cased radio. There is a wooden umbrella stand too.

Stop in and ask about the new all ladies fitness center we have just opened on Wells street behind Ash Tree Antiques or call Kathy at 417-761-3366
Booth 7X2
This booth has a fine vintage set of William Rogers silver plate flatware along with those green canisters on the top shelf in this picture. There is an electric air fryer here with the manual here. There is a turntable with the manual for those 33 rpm vinyl records that are making a comeback and there is a glass pyramid shaped display case that looks very nice and near as I can tell, not something you will see every day.
Booth 214
I almost missed this Venetian glass Guinea Hen below when I was taking this month's pictures. You can see it is stunning. There is a huge hand made wooden storage box at the lower left of the picture. There are several ceramic planters here and on the upper shelf there are some beautiful blue/brown ceramics. How about some clear glass ice cream sundae glasses? The brown wooden table in the picture looks to be about 20x20 on top and it has a small drawer. I cannot tell its age, though it appears to be vintage and may have been hand made but I cannot be sure.