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  Booth 102
There is a wonderful cedar wood chair here here, kitchen tools, a gorgeous pink vase, picture frames, milk glass cups, a woven picnic basket, a wire display clock, a foot stool, along with many more very nice items. 
 Booth 40
How about some hand-made sleeve style bags to hold your extra plastic bags in, or whatever you choose to use them for.
There are some nice oak signs to welcome people to your home or to give as a housewarming gift.
There are some framed Coca-Cola advertising art pieces here from the glory days.
There's stacks of Country Living magazines here too.
Booth 53
There are 3 boxes of audio cassette tapes here. There are some terrific ladies high-top boots here!
There is a new, fancy coffee maker here that will make one cup or up to 12 cups, never been used and ready for your coffee pleasures.
If you are looking for CD's, painted drinking glasses, horse statues, caring for horses books, Home Interior statues (still in plastic and the boxes are right there with them),  books,  DVD's and even some VHS tapes.
 There will soon be a Booth available here.
Picture your things here and think about all the fun of setting up your own booth
 Booth 300 Elvis!
This virtual shrine to the king of rock and roll is packed with more collectibles than I could ever imagine. While I have no interest in the sale of these items, I knew the woman who collected all of this, spent many wonderful hours visiting in her home and while I saw some of these things, I had no idea that there was this much. There is more of her collection in two other places in Ash Tree. Come in for the tour and add to your collection. Something tells me there are many things here that you do not already have.
Booth 148
There are boxes of Barbie dolls here to collect or to please a little girl with a new Barbie. There are also play kitchen sets.
There are all flavors of small collectible toys, even some Smurfs, California Grapes, Star Wars. There is a Disney play set  that talks!
Doll houses are so much fun for kids and you can play with the youngster and build some memories.
These wagon wheels are always popular outdoor items and they are nearly indestructible. Out back there are galvanized tubs for cleaning up in the garden or use as planters or whatever you desire.

You can call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if you need more information.
Booth 1
There are several quilts here, some protective sports gear, cook books, framed wall posters, an attractive Christmas wreath, a food grinder and some silver plate serving pieces ready and waiting for you.