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 Booth 40
The picture below shows an oak table that is spectacular and it's 50% off tag price.
There are oak signs for your wall
that say welcome one and all
if you need something to hold excess plastic bags
these well made sleeves have low price tags

there are quilting pieces that are very nice
and you will be delighted at their price 

Booth 53
Okay now we have a big sale going on here.
there's a selection of CD's and DVD's too

these horse statuettes are a sight to see
they're as clean and slick as they can be
there's frosted glasses for use or display
feel free to use them either way

 Booth 6
Check these jewelry articles and find yourself something great.
The more you look here, the more you will like what you see;
jewelry is something a woman can never have too much
it's beautiful to look at and nice to the touch
If you need anything like these
what we have here is sure to please
be it a dresser, a table, an odd piece 
we have it here to say the least

You can call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if you need more information.
Booth AH 
 IF you want some local honey
this producer makes it with care
and a nice big jar gives you more to share.
Bees are one thing the world cannot do without, and honey is so much better for you than high fructose corn syrup or white sugar.
Use it for all your it for all your sweetening needs.

Booth 148
This booth has always had a vast selection of toys for children of any age along with many collectible items.
I do not think you will find a better selection and all are in great shape.

Booth 204
Those corn canisters are great for a country kitchen.
The vintage radios are a great decorating piece and they may work, I did not plug them in to see.
Oh boy! Get a propane burner here and huge deep frying pots for outdoor cooking.
I can see those brand spanking new steel pots frying a 20 pound turkey for Thanksgiving.
Get here when you can.

Booth 7XToo
Take a look  around and you will see some great decorating pieces
there is a luggage set here with 5 pieces that will all fit into the largest one
pick out whichever ones you please
There's a turn table for vinyl records below

Booth 214
There is a set of blue willow China here that's excellent
it looks like it's heaven sent
there are two baseball shadow boxes here that are just great
if you know someone who loves baseball, don't hesitate
vintage storage cases with a handle or luggage to be
they are certainly nice from what I can see
there's some Fire King carnival ware that make for a fine collection
they're here waiting for your inspection

We want to move a lot of furniture from our used furniture store. So here’s what we are going to do. We are taking 75% off the original price tags on everything in the used furniture store, not to be confused with our upscale store. Stop in and bring your trucks or your neighbor’s trucks and save a lot of bucks!

If you are looking for something in particular, ask us if we have it somewhere.