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Booth 14
There is a grand selection of books, DVD's, VHS tapes, dolls, vinyl recordings, lots of shelf decorations and much more you'll just have to see when you stop in and shop.
  Booth 153-1

Everything Avon you could want, except what my dear wife keeps buying here every time I am taking these pictures. There's manly Avon products here too, but I guess she runs out of her spending money before thinking of me and here it is Father's Day this Sunday.
Booth 8
This new booth is stocked with manly things for work, repairs and such, but the doll house seems kind of odd.
I make no judgement, just wonder about that.
Booth 24
Right today there was/is a pair of computer speakers marked 50 cents and I just bought a pair at Walmart for $20!
There are books for readers, purses for those have money to put in them, wall pictures to give you something to think about, shelf critters for decorating, lighting fixtures in the box, marked at just $15!
Booth 5 
There is an antique phone here that some collector will enjoy.
There are beautiful vases for your garden flowers.
There are some vintage cowgirl pinup posters here, oil lamps, CD's, VHS tapes, and some divided serving dishes that are quite nice along with some nice wooden boxes that you will not see anywhere else.
Booth 9266
Some little toddler will love having his/her own rocking pony, shown below. There is a rack of ladies shoes, collectible dolls, mugs, cookbooks, business books, wall art and some bedroom sets of blankets, sheets, pillow shams and maybe drapes if I read the description correctly.
Booth 444

You need to check out the cobalt blue glassware here. If red is your color, it's here.
Little tinkle bells to let everyone know lunch is served or just to ring for the pure enjoyment of hearing a little bell ring.
Booth RB
It's pool time in America! We have all kinds of pool floats to make your day more enjoyable.
​There are  CD's, DVD's, Blue Ray, undies for men and women (never worn and in the package), ladies tops, boots, jewelry,  Avon products, vintage aluminum canister set, some new Tupperware and so much more in this booth.
Furniture 16
These items are 75% off marked price.
They are unusual and in good condition.
If you like you can pick them up today.

What is here today may not be here tomorrow.
​Summer is here and it is time to change some lampshades. Save some money and buy them here. We have more than what is shown here.

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if there's more you need to know.
Booth 22
Speaking of cars, there is a jump starter for your full-size car here. If you are into ceramics, there is a casting furnace here. ! We also have a sausage grinder with a tube on it to make your own sausages, yum! Need a humidifier? It's here. Cook books, we have them. How about a Mickey Mouse clock or a Mickey tin or a Mickey tray?