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Booth 14
This booth is filled with dolls of all types and sizes, along with shelf statues and colored dishes and other pieces. There are lots of books, games, dvd's and even some vhs tapes.
  Booth 153-1
All of  the Avon products anyone could want are right here and ready to go, no waiting for an order to process, pick it,pay for it, take it home.
If you need to replace a door, see what we have in the used furniture store and save some dough, moola, presidents, lucre, plain old money.
You may call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if you need to know more.

Booth 8
There's a pair of light suede jackets here that are really nice (50% off), 3-D art work, a large child or dog gate, purses,men's ties, a 3 piece accent light kit, a wooden TV tray and a swell oval mirror you can use anywhere.
Booth 24
There's a large black Southwest Missouri State bag (they're not making them anymore), a floor lamp, some mini shelf decorating items, a golf putting practice set, a BBQ set (might want to do that real soon), back packs, a Jeopardy Sports game, caps,an electric typewriter and a car vacuum all here and all one price!
 Here's a really nice living room chair. There are also sofas and kitchen chairs up to the ceiling in the upscale resale furniture store. These nice pieces are waiting for you.

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366. 

Booth 5 
There is a pair of standing rabbits there. They are Peter Cottontail's folks and they said they were hoping he would have a safe journey as he traveled down the bunny trail this Easter. There is also running shoes here, oil lamps, cute frog canisters, CD's, wonderful vases for spring flowers, and some divided serving dishes that are quite nice.

There are a few nice small tables here in the furniture store for playing games, doing school work, artwork, computer work or extra counter space in a kitchen.

Call Kathy 417-761-3366
Booth 9266
There are dolls here that have never been played with, because they are still in the original box. They need a little girl to play with or a collector to love them. Why don't you adopt one and take it home? You can get mugged in this booth, with some fine Christmas mugs. Like it hot? Then you'll love the red chili serving dish and salt & pepper set. Need a few extra king-size pillow cases? They are right here.
Booth 444

Look all the pretties here on these shelves. They are on shelves because are all top shelf items. Yo won't find better anywhere around these parts. You will be happy with whatever you get from these shelves and proud to have them in your home. Enough said.
Booth RB

​There are CD's, DVD's, undies (never worn and in the package), ladies tops, boots, jewelry (much of which are on sale, see the tag just to the right), Avon products, vintage aluminum canister set, some new Tupperware and so much more in this booth.
Furniture 16
There's some unusual pieces here and they are all selling at a big discount, ready for you to take and place them in your home. Don't be shy, give them a try.
Need something to cover a floor, we have a way for you to save some money here in the used furniture store. Spring is the time for change and fix up.
Is the light from your lamp too bright coming through that old torn lampshade? No problem we have a nice selection in the market near Kathy's desk.

Call Kathy at 417-761-3366 if there's more you need to know.
Booth 22
Spring is here and the weather is clear, so hop in the truck and come in to do some shopping here. You can pick up some Disney souvenirs and save a lot of money bypassing a trip to Disneyland. Pick up a highchair for the little one or a motion detecting security light, or a child's play set, or a flexible shaft grinder to finish off small projects, or a sausage grinder to make your own sausage, or a Michelob beer hanging lamp, or some Bud Light buckets to chill your beer (they may also be used for soft drinks).
We will be closed for the Easter holiday, Friday April 14, Saturday the 15th, Sunday the 16th in order to spend time with family. We hope your holiday is happy and blessed. We will return to regular hours on Tuesday
Booth 299
​There are all kinds of decorating materials here. It's all fresh and ready whenever you are ready to doll up your home. It's the tight stuff at the right price and really isn't that nice?