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Booth 14
This booth is jammed with great things like...
some nice shelf statuettes here and a grand selection of books, DVD's, VHS tapes, dolls, vinyl recordings, lots of shelf decorations and much more you'll just have to see when you stop in and shop.
  Booth 153-1

This is Avon heaven, right here in Ash Tree Antiques.
Avon has had a long time standard of excellence and this vendor has the products right here on the shelf so you do not have to wait for what you want.

Booth 8
This booth is stocked with manly things for work, repairs and such, and there is a camo jacket for hunting season.
Propane tanks and all kinds of interesting things.
Booth 24
Here is a nice makeup travel kit that hangs up or folds up with enough space to pack in all you need for a full vacation.
Right today there is a pair of computer speakers marked much lower than what  you can get at Walmart for $20!
There are books for readers, purses for those have money to put in them, wall pictures to give you something to think about, shelf critters for decorating.
Booth 5 
There are some great John Wayne DVDs here
There are some vintage cowgirl pinup posters here, oil lamps, CD's, VHS tapes, and some divided serving dishes that are quite nice along with some nice wooden boxes that you will not see anywhere else.
Also some vintage oil lamps.
Booth 9266
There are some nice women's shoes here some cook books and business books, bird houses for decorating, posters, mugs, dolls still in boxes and this darling rocking horse pictured below this text.
Booth 444
There is a collection of framed pictures of horses that are very well done.
You need to check out these Webkinz charms. You and I may not have heard of these, but I bet your kids and grand-kids know about them.
Booth RB
There is a nice selection of costume jewelry here at very reasonable prices.
This vendor has added an array of ball caps to wear or collect.
​There are  CD's, DVD's, Blue Ray, undies for men and women (never worn and in the package), ladies tops, boots, jewelry,  Avon products, vintage aluminum canister set, some new Tupperware and so much more in this booth.   
There are nice costume jewelry sets here.
There are also pool flotation devices too.
Furniture 16
There are some nice pieces here waiting for the right person to notice them.
These items are 75% off marked price.
They are unusual and in good condition.
If you like you can pick them up today.
What is here today may not be here tomorrow.
Booth 53Too

This booth is focused on Christmas items. I know it is only August now, but think about how fast last year went from August to December. There are lights, gifts, decorations, ornaments and stockings here.