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  Booth 153-1

This booth has so much Avon that's really great. 
Stop in today, why wait?
Avon has always been a great buy
if you've never experienced Avon, give it a try

Booth 8
This booth is a picker's delight
with vintage goods priced just right
things you won't see every day
so get on in here and don't delay.
50% off!
Booth 24
Coca-Cola collectibles!
Stop in and give them a look see.

a backpack hangs on the wall
there are blankets for the fall

there's some lined coveralls here and some perhaps not for today,
but cold weather is just a few months away

Booth 5 
There is rarely a sale in this booth, so stop in and get something you may have hesitated over before.

We have oil lamps that give light for hour after hour
stand ready when a bad storm knocks out your electric power
We have added some  DVD's and VHS tapes.

There are steel models of a Thunder bird and a tanker truck
at prices that won't make you feel stuck
if shelf decorations are your demand
we have plenty of those here at hand

Booth 9266
There's a nice sale going on here now so if you haven't shopped here in a while
stop in and leave with a smile
there are mugs with angels that are nice to see
and are just as nice as they could be
self help books for those who read
cook books for those who feed
vintage hats for those who dream
mugs and cups for drinks that steam

Booth 444
Look at all the color and quality in this booth.
The closer you look the better you'll like what you see.
Framed prints of horses are ready to go
they're all ready for you to show
beautiful blue dish wares here for you
there are far more colors too
everything here is really tip top
this is the place you want to shop
shelf statues are a nice affect
and they're always fun to collect
glasses and pitchers shiny and bright
casting, reflecting a beautiful light

Booth RB

There are more jeans added and all are ready to wear
get them for you or for someone to share

Ladies tops and caps too
all of them are brand new

DVD's and Blue Ray disks are here to be seen
jewelry to add a little bling in your life
and to make you a more attractive girl friend or wife

Furniture 16r
How about a nice ironing board at half price?

a green woven hamper for dirty clothes
keeps that nasty, sweaty smell from your nose
a nice mirror to see your shining face
one you can hang just about any place
chairs an attractive color blue
chairs you can use outside too

There's a nice saddle style quilt rack here too.
Stop in and ask about the new all ladies fitness center we have just opened on Wells street behind Ash Tree Antiques or call Kathy at 417-761-3366
Booth J
There are some nice baskets here today
they are useful in many a way
We are having a big sale on Christmas today
and a lot of items for display
ceramic jugs and pots are good to use
or you can decorate with them should you choose
it's fine to have more than you can use, 

Booth 14
We have more VHS than most anywhere and you can get them priced right.
Dolls, we have them.
Books, DVD's, framed pictures we have them too.
Stop in and look around.

This end cap booth is available now. It's a great way to see if you like having a booth and it is less than a full sized booth. Why not give it a shot?
This sign below is for a full sized booth that is available now.
We try to earn your business every day.