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Booth 14
New books and DVDs come in here on a regular basis.
 This booth is jammed with great things like DVD's, VHS tapes, dolls, vinyl recordings, lots of shelf decorations and much more. There are
some nice shelf statuettes here and a grand selection of books.
  Booth 153-1
Skin So Soft is on sale!
This is your store for Avon products, whether it's Skin So Soft products, colones, perfume, shower gels, ANEW skin care products or lip balm. 

Booth 8
This booth is stocked with manly things for work, repairs and all kinds of interesting things. Some are from old barns and some from old collections.
Booth 24

There are books here, purses,
 a nice twin comforter set with pillow sham, risers for a bed, brass looking light fixtures, a 3 tier shelf with baskets attached and a set of medium coveralls...
Booth 5 
There is a die cast model of a 57 T-Bird here and a die cast wrecker truck and a die cast fuel truck and all are well done and still in the box. 

There are some nice oil lamps here. There are some Cape Cod Ruby glass, serving bowls, DVD's, CD's, VHS tapes,  a wooden box, and much more here waiting for you.

Booth 9266
There are some collectible dolls here in original boxes.
There are some vintage hats here, purses, puzzles and several shower curtains.
There are some cook books and business books, bird houses for decorating, posters, mugs, dolls still in boxes.
Booth 444
There are some great prints of horses here, some beautiful cobalt blue tea cups with gold trim, some rolling pins for dough or for home security, vintage pitchers and a red bubble glass and bowl set.

Booth RB
Don't miss out on this selection of  men's boots here and all are in excellent condition
There is a nice selection of costume jewelry shown on the pegboard here.

​There are  yarns, CD's, DVD's, Blue Ray,  ladies tops,  Avon products, and so much more in this booth.   

Furniture 16
That green wicker basket will hold a lot of stuff.
How about these blue chairs?
They are unusual and in good condition.
If you like you can pick them up today.
What is here today may not be here tomorrow.
Booth 53Too
Check out these huge discounts here.
There are Breyer horse statues here and Christmas items too.
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Stop in and ask about the new all ladies fitness center we have just opened on Wells street behind Ash Tree Antiques or call Kathy at 417-761-3366