Booth 3   Granite-ware is here and ready to collect. There are some collectible painted plates and some raised plates here. There are floral displays too. There are books for grownups and for kids. Vintage hats for fun.There are some pedestal wine glasses here, several vases, tea sets,a vintage blue/white pitcher, a vintage electric lamp, and the weirdest can opener I ever saw. 

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Booth 299
There is a nice vintage chair here, an exercise stepper and some shelf decorations too.
This is a very nice white cabinet with mirror and display shelves along with a very good plate shelf to hang on a wall. There are grooves to hold those nice plates in place.
These are just some of the many items in the upscale furniture store.

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There are, sets of juice and wine glasses, afghans for the cold weather, picture frames, an oak utility chair , woven baskets, vinyl recordings, a trinket box. There are electric lamps and books too.

Booth 300
There are monsters here, but they are still in the original packaging, so no need to fear them, just collect them.
There are lots of girls clothes here. There's Elvis collectibles, caps, girl's clothes, serving plates, decorative plates, scatter pillows, purses, totes, a small vintage chair,  You just need to stop in and see everything.
Booth 17
There are several oil paintings here that are quite good, woven baskets and a high quality fancy queen sized bed spread and matching curtains. 
 This booth also offers woven macrame, a nice cushioned rocking chair, covered serving pieces, woven baskets and so much more.  

This is a dandy cabinet that has many uses and will look great anywhere!

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Booth Holiday 
This booth has so many beautiful things to see. It just makes me feel good to see it. Pick up a piece or two each month and have a fresh supply of decorations by Christmas. 
Booth 107
The little Fisher Price riding elephant could bring a lot of joy to a toddler. The closet organizer here could make a woman happy.
There are quite a few decorator items here too.

Booth 1113
There are some red see through canisters here, some beautiful hand stitched linens, vases, Coca-Cola glasses and a lot more. The vendor works this booth every week so there is always a fresh look and different things to see. 
Ash Grove is a good place to shop
whether your pay scale is near the bottom or nearer the top
local businesses are here and they can save you
a lot of time and money too 
Booth 827
These Asian fans are beautiful.
There are some nice decorating items and jewelry in this cabinet.
 The choice is yours. You will not see these things everywhere.
Don't miss out on this fine book by a Missouri author.
We have several copies.

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Stop in and ask about the new all ladies fitness center we have just opened on Wells street behind Ash Tree Antiques or call Kathy at 417-761-3366