Booth 3  
There are some nice hats here, several plastic sheet holders filled with vintage religious pictures that are in very good shape. There are open top canisters, tea sets, platters, vases and silver rimmed cups for the upscale company or just just for your loved ones at home.
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Booth 27

This booth has added a lot of different things since last month. You can see everything right here. There are two Budweiser gift sets on that top shelf, consisting of draft sized glass, a pack of cards and some tasty jerky.
​If you are thinking about stocking a man cave, either or both of these mounted bucks would be a focal point.

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 Booth 16r
There are art pieces, stemmed wine glasses, trinkets, books, linen, CD's, vinyl records, electric lamps, tins, vases and a lot more.
Booth 300

This is just one of the Elvis homes in the market. There are also serving dishes, picture frames, several hen on nest covered dishes, several Leap Frog learning toys for little tykes and a glass covered butterfly case to hang on a wall.
Booth 75
There are two metal cases for many uses, a musical doll, a beautiful Swan planter (put it to use right away), covered amber candy dish and amber pickle dish, painted dishes, very cute duck mugs, statues and woven baskets.

These look good because they are good.
They have lasted for a long time and you know they will last for a long time into the future.
They are available in the used furniture store.

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Booth Holiday 
This booth is your holiday shopping place. Right now you can save 20% and this is all quality merchandise, more upscale than what we normally see in retail stores.
Booth 107

There are juice glasses here, matching mugs, women's shoes-boots, canning jars (just in time for summer gardening), covered candy dishes, books, jeweled boxes, a near new Fry Daddy and tennis rackets, and a ceiling fan.
Here is a very nice and flexible table and chairs.
It's in the used furniture store.

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Furniture of all kinds and lamps are right here in the furniture store.
Check it out just across the driveway from the market.

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Booth 1113
There is a host of beautiful items here, a beautiful mantle clock, cobalt blue glassware and dishes, a tall vase (flower time), natural crystals, baby dolls, a croquette set, plush toys, pot holders and all are in tip top shape.

Ash Grove is a good place to shop
whether your pay scale is near the bottom or nearer the top
local businesses are here and they can save you
a lot of time and money too 
Booth 827

​This is collection of Asian style fans that are artistic and functional along with necklaces rings, bracelets and all round pretty things. It's right by Kathy's desk as you walk in the door.
Here's a stack of chairs that go right up to the ceiling. Chairs are nice, but they go better with tables and we have a large selection of those too. So give Kathy a call at 417-761-3366 if there's more you want to know.
Don't miss out on these nice pieces.
I doubt they will be here for long, so don't hesitate or it might be too late.

Call Kathy 417-761-3366
We will be closed for the Easter holiday, Friday April 14, Saturday the 15th, Sunday the 16th in order to spend time with family. We hope your holiday is happy and blessed. We will return to regular hours on Tuesday