Booth 3  
There are pictures for your walls, brass cats for fun? Granite-ware, glass, paper or wood, chances are it's here.There are pictures for your walls, brass cats for fun? Vintage hats (now those are fun.) If it's made of granite-ware, glass, paper or wood, chances are it's here.
There is even a wooden mechanic's creeper. If someone needs to work under a car, that someone needs a creeper!
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Booth 299
There is a potpourri holder that may suit you here, lots of decorations to hang, a very attractive electric lamp, pitchers, and a vintage White Owl cigar box.
Stop in and look around for decorating ideas and supplies.
​You certainly will not see many of these anymore. Can you believe it is a radio?

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Whew, books all over, lamps for light, pictures for walls in rooms or halls, 2 trinket boxes, an unusual clear glass planter (kind of like a terrarium) and some pedestal glasses you can also use them for deserts (kids love that).

Booth 300

Where do I begin? There's Elvis collectibles, caps, girl's clothes, serving plates, decorative plates, scatter pillows, purses, totes, a small vintage chair, Leap Frog learning devices for young children, monster collectibles. You just need to stop in and see everything.
Booth 75
There's some plush toys here, two steel cases for travel or storage, cookie jars,books, a re-vested quilt, puzzles (good for older adults), a beautiful Swan planter for indoor plants, dolls and some hand painted plates for collectors.

These look good because they are good.
They have lasted for a long time and you know they will last for a long time into the future.
They are available in the used furniture store.

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Booth Holiday 
There's lighted decorations, small decorations, huge decorations, nearly every kind of decorations you will see.
Right now you can save 20% and this is all quality merchandise, more upscale than what we normally see in retail stores.
Booth 107
​There are mugs that match here. Cook books, here, racquets here, ceiling fan, here,
 juice glasses here, , women's shoes-boots, canning jars (just in time for summer gardening), covered candy dishes, books, jeweled boxes, and a near new Fry Daddy.
Booth 1113
There are some really nice red nearly clear canisters here that really pop! Mantle clock that keeps time and a juice pitcher with matching glasses, vases, green sherbet glasses for deserts, covered candy dishes, a spectacular teal compote and some cool horse bookends.
Ash Grove is a good place to shop
whether your pay scale is near the bottom or nearer the top
local businesses are here and they can save you
a lot of time and money too 
Booth 827

This cabinet has some exotic and beautiful items to decorate and some to wear. The choice is yours. You will not see these things everywhere.
Don't miss out on these nice pieces.
I doubt they will be here for long, so don't hesitate or it might be too late.

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